Monday, August 8, 2016


Winners share their excitement for life and have a contagious enthusiasm and energy for excellence.

Whiners share their woes and tend to spread the negative news of the day. They walk around with a black cloud over their head and darken a room upon entering.

Winners brighten the entire dojo with their smile and always bring out the best in their team mates. They are positive and productive…they give great value and encouragement to any team, dojo or family.

Enthusiasm is contagious…so is the lack of it!

It’s been said that the best Black Belts are just White Belts that never quit. Meaning that a White Belt is eager and enthusiastic, as well as curious to what lies ahead in their training. Great Black Belt Champions stay eager and excited about learning, training and growing.

Black Belt Champions are Winners. They know what they want and they are always ready to take action toward their goals. They love what they do and they do what they love.

Winners are ambitious. Winners are enthusiastic.

Winners surround themselves with other positive people.

Be a Winner – Share your Black Belt Spirit!

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